We were born from a deep desire and need for superior quality integrative health care through exceptional nutritional supplements.

We are a boutique company bringing a sophisticated platform of biological reality through leading scientific thought at the time of product development.

With a commitment to quality of life improvement through our formulas, using only safe, natural and powerful ingredients.

Our knowledge of our formulas is wisdom gleaned from decades of experience in clinical integrative medical practice. Our ingredients are sourced with care and insightfulness and are individually certified pure and without containments.

The creative blend of nutrients is supported by a quality encapsulation process, beautiful glass bottles earthen hues and sensitive packaging reflect artistic precision and the aura of the product and its developers for a wholesome experience. Seamless ordering and delivery through online platforms bring these creations to you to enjoy.

We represent a new strategy in health care. Not only are we proud of our products, but realize that not all people will have an identical experience. Through genetic and epigenetic diversity, we are all a little different and some may need a more personalized approach. We bring supplement specific and person specific care as an additional clinical facet through blogs and different levels of personalized consultations via email, phone or mutually video compatible systems if required.

The more you understand your health issues, the more in depth the approach to your health care can be taken. We at Life Source are motivated by personal experience of our ingredients and a desire to share.

The hallmarks of our mission are ‘Precision’ and ‘Delicacy’. We are all unique and would like to feel that what we consume respects and enriches our mental and physical sanctuary.


Worldwide, PCOS affects 6% to 21% of women, making it the most common endocrine disorder in women of childbearing age.


Sleep disturbances have been found to be twice as common in women with PCOS compared with those without.

Statistics, according to the

PCOS Nutrition Centre

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About Dr. Russell Cooper

Dr. Russell Cooper’s CV extends across many disciplines of medicine, complementary medicine and mind body medicine.

Dr Cooper has been instrumental in introducing genetic testing for polymorphisms in Australia for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, menopause/andropause, the metabolic syndrome, eating according to your genes (Nutrigenomics) and individualised gene based drug treatment (Pharmacogenomics).

Dr. Cooper has lectured worldwide on Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Hormones and Anti-Ageing, Genetics, Nutrigenomics, Mind Body Medicine for the past thirty years and is currently lecturing on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

Dr. Cooper consults with many patients with hormone related illnesses. Through years of clinical experience, he is developing a range of boutique supplements based on current research and years of clinical practice.

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