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Lets talk about Xenoestrogens…

By 26th March 2019Lifestyle


Xenoestrogens…. basically put, ‘fake’ estrogens.
As PCOS cysters, we already struggle with major estrogen dominance. So exposure to xenoestrogens is not particularly ideal.

What does that mean to me?

Well, high estrogen levels cause weight gain, hair loss, memory problems, fatigue, anxiety and/or panic attacks, trouble sleeping, bloating, irregular menstrual bleeding, increased symptoms of PMS, mood swings, headaches, decreased sex drive, and fibrocystic lumps in your breasts to name a few symptoms.

So where do we find xenoestrogens?

These guys are found in many different everyday things. E.g plasticware (water bottles, clear wrap, lunch boxes),
Chemicals found in scented candles, fragrance, makeup and beauty products and detergents too. Our food is also an easy way to expose ourselves to xenoestrogens. Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides on our fruit and veg, not forgetting the growth hormone in most of our meat.
That’s why organic products from beauty to food and everything in between is super important.

Being aware is the first step to eliminating and protecting yourself from these undercover agents.

Using the #PCOSSUPPORT supplement consistently helps your body eliminate excess estrogens from your system to ease all symptoms of estrogen dominance.
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