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PCOS, Pandemics and Perseverance

By 21st Jun 2020Jul 30th, 2020Lifestyle

What a ‘wake-up call COVID-19 has been for all of us on so many levels.

We can take nothing for granted, we can be struck by the virus at a moment’s notice.

All our dreams and aspirations are as ephemeral as the wind.

Hi Dr Cooper here, Life Source Medical Director.

We have all been challenged massively. Our Governments have locked us in, our businesses have all but fallen over our routines and minds messed with as we all try to avoid becoming infected. Why is the COVID-19 pandemic even more disturbing for someone managing PCOS?


Firstly, PCOS is more than missed periods, infertility, unwanted hair and also hair loss, weight gain and a myriad of other upsetting and confronting signs and symptoms not to forget the emotional upheaval.

Studies reveal immune genes are affected in PCOS, causing higher levels of inflammatory chemicals (cytokines). This can cause more inflammation, a hidden hallmark of this condition. It appears that these (‘messed up’) genes called gene ‘polymorphisms’, are an ‘upstream’ mechanism causing auto-antibodies to the pancreas, the thyroid glands and the ovaries and other organs. The results of these are weight gain, sluggish metabolism, period problems, high male hormones (androgens), and if that is not enough, the risk of poorer immunity amidst COVID-19.


Being home-bound and not having had access to gyms and others sporting venues has not helped, so the tendency to gain even more weight through reduced exercise just makes it all worse, not to mention eating ‘comfort’ foods as you power through another episode of a ‘Netflix’ series.

How can we become better in Mind Body and Spirit while negotiating this pandemic?

Let’s track back to what is behind the weight gain. It appears that the low grade chronic inflammation as a result of gene ….say it…..’polymorphisms’ cause The Metabolic Syndrome’  or MetS, which is the factory behind the fat. MetS includes insulin resistance, high blood sugars, high blood pressure, low good cholesterol (HDL) and high bad cholesterol (LDL). 



The extraordinary yellow spice which is so delicious in curries called Turmeric, is the source of Curcumin, which just ‘ticks all the boxes when it comes to inflammation. It is a powerful antioxidant and even has anti-depressant capabilities.

Curcumin has been shown to improving insulin sensitivity suppressing fat building (adipogenesis) reducing elevated blood pressure, inflammation oxidative stress high cholesterol and high blood fats (triglycerides)-Wow!- Curcumin is a great anti-inflammatory and is suppressing inflammation at many levels and in doing so reducing The metabolic Syndrome and the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Remember: Curcumin is lowering inflammation, sensitizing the insulin receptor, reducing excessive insulin’s effect on the ovaries which in PCOS resulting in multiple immature follicle high androgens, high oestrogens, no ovulation, no progesterone, fluid retention, anxiety, depression and improve immune function. 

Curcumin is working for you on so many levels.

Next time you take a capsule of PCOS SUPPORT Hormone Balance, you are consuming a generous dose of high quality Curcumin which is a ‘One Stop Shop’. Along with other carefully targeted ingredients for PCOS relief and peace of Mind and Body. 


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