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Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) can be a profoundly debilitating time before menstruation. For some women the effect on their mood can be so overwhelming, that their condition is often diagnosed as PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) which is treated in part with anti-depressants.

Even though medical literature describes the causes of PMS as cyclical hormone dysfunction, neurotransmitter dysfunction and underlying depression, it is rare that hormones are investigated and treated specifically to restore peace through emotional and physical balance.

The ingredients in Hormone Harmony have been carefully chosen to reduce pre-menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhoea) and depression, while enhancing metabolism of oestrogens and promoting progesterone to assist with fluid retention, weight gain, anxiety and breast tenderness. The delicate balance of ingredients, can provide a smooth transit through the pre-menstrual phase of a woman’s cycle.

Well, what is in Hormone Harmony?
Hormone Harmony has four ingredients, two lower oestrogens through different mechanisms, one promotes progesterone often low in PMS and one relieve dysmenorrhoea (pain and discomfort) some women suffer pre-menstrually.

Let’s zoom in…
From decades of clinical experience in integrative medicine, our medical inventor of this product has found by improving the balance of progesterone to oestrogens, many pre-menstrual symptoms are alleviated. How is this achieved?

Calcium-D-Glucarate (C-D-G), is D-Glucaric Acid bound to a small amount of calcium as an inactive co-factor. This is not a calcium supplement and the biological effect of lowering the oestrogen tide is driven by D-Glucaric Acid facilitating a phase 2 liver detoxification process Glucuronidation. Glucuronidation naturally metabolises chemicals and fumes as well as oestrogens and androgens.

The other oestrogen lowering component is Cyperus which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen as well as blocking the oestrogen receptor alpha receiving oestrogen. Simply said this blocks the symptoms of oestrogen dominance being anxiety, agitation, poor sleep, weight gain fluid retention, breast tenderness and other symptoms.

Apart from lowering oestrogen, how can one boost progesterone where low levels are associated with similar symptoms to oestrogen dominance mentioned above? Chaste berry or Chaste Tree also known as vitex agnes castus has shown to increase progesterone while also having a anti-depressant effect.

Lastly Curcumin in a high bio-available BCM-95 formula has an anti-inflammatory effect blocking the production of pain inducing prostaglandins and other pro-inflammatory cytokines and nuclear promoters of inflammation like Nuclear Factor kappa beta (NFKB) while also helping with depression.

At Life Source we understand that each woman’s journey through the pre-menstrual phase of their cycle may be different and we provide individualized support for ‘Hormone Harmony’ dosing and feedback.

Enjoy this originally crafted formula Life Source ‘Hormone Harmony’

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MYO-INOSITOL (MI) /D-CHIRO INOSITOL (DCI) complex (a B group vitamin) to support ovarian function and egg quality through sensitising the insulin receptor inducing modulation of androgen hyperstimulation and other hormone imbalances. This complex may assist fertility and balance cycles. GYNOSTEMMA may also assist in reducing insulin resistance, lowering blood insulin levels, lowering blood sugar levels, lowering fat mass and indirectly reducing androgenic signs and symptoms, raising AMPK production important for insulin sensitivity, common feature of PCOS is insulin resistance. CHROMIUM helps insulin receptor sensitivity by: potentiating the actions of insulin, promoting insulin signaling pathway, reducing the negative-regulators of insulin signaling, enhances AMPK activity.


Caution: Keep out of the reach of children Store in a cool dry place If you are taking other medication check with your health care professional before using this product Do not take if pregnant These statements have not been evaluated by regulatory bodies.


CHASTE TREE also known as ‘Chaste berry’ or its botanical name ‘Vitex Agnus Castus’ has been found to increase progesterone levels. Chaste tree may improve cycle length, fertility and pregnancy. CYPERUS ROTUNDUS is known as Nut Grass has been found to exhibit anti-oestrogenic properties. Cyperus has been used in traditional medicine for menstrual disorders and dymenorrhoea.


C-D-G lowers levels of oestrogens and testosterone through enhanced glucuronidation. It has anti-inflammatory effects. Hence in a PCOS setting of hyperoestrogens, inflammation, and obesity, Calcium-D-Glucarate is well placed to facilitate enhanced elimination of oestrogens reducing the potential risk of cancer, weight gain, ovarian dysfunction and mood disorders.


Turmeric the golden yellow aromatic spice most potent active ingredient is curcumin. PCOS HORMONAL BALANCE uses the patented BCM-95 extract of turmeric for superior bio-availability. Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, anti-depressant and insulin sensitizing effects. PCOS HORMONAL BALANCE is a carefully crafted comprehensive formula supporting many of PCOS hormonal and metabolic dysfunctions.


1 capsule 2 times daily If your cycle is regular, take 1 capsule twice daily days 7-21 of your cycle and 2 caps twice daily days 22-28.


Keep out of the reach of children Do not take if pregnant If you take medication consult a health professional

These statements have not been evaluated by the regulatory authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Note:The ingredients in PCOS SUPPORT has shown to vastly improve fertility and ovulation. If you are on the pill, injection or patch to prevent pregnancy please ensure another form of contraception (condoms) during intercourse.

Side effects: In rare cases gastro intestinal sensitivity may occur. This can be avoided with food. In extreme cases, drop the dose to half for the first week of taking the supplement.

Very rarely, some may experience fatigue or headaches for a few days while taking the PCOS SUPPORT supplement whilst the body detoxes. If this becomes uncomfortable please stop for 1-2 days and resume dosage at half dose for the first week.

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