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This carefully sourced blend of nutritional and plant extracts, assists women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in a multi-faceted approach. PCOS has many metabolic and hormonal dysfunctions.

PCOS SUPPORT includes:


Both taken simultaneously for PCOS harmony. The ingredients of both bottles work towards a common goal of lowering insulin resistance, improving ovarian function, lowering hyperandrogenism, improving weight management and reducing inflammation

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Can I take PCOS Support along with my other medication my doctor has prescribed (the pill, Glucophage)?

Yes. PCOS Support should not interfere with other medications for PCOS. It is always wise to consult a health care professional before starting a new dietary supplement.

When can I expect to see relief from my symptoms?

It could take up to a few months. However, results can be seen as early as 4-6 weeks. Combining effective exercise and ketogenic dietary program are likely to speed up improvement.

Do I have to take both Metabolic and Hormonal Balance and why?

The ingredients in both the supplements work to help reduce insulin resistance, improve ovarian function, lower hyperandrogenism, lower excessive oestrogens, raise progesterone, improve mood, reduce inflammation.

Are there any side effects?

Some people may have mild gastro-intestinal side effects. If, in a rare case this does happen, stop for a day or two and then start up again on a low dose. 1 capsule a day of the Metabolic and Hormonal Balance with food for a week, then increase to 1 capsule of each bottle twice daily for another week. Thereafter you should be able to get back to the recommended dose.
For any problems you may experience with PCOS Support, please send us a mail on our contact page and our health professional will be able to assist.

Can I be active on PCOS Support?

Absolutely. In fact exercise is a very important component of assisting balance the hormonal dysfunction of PCOS.

What if I miss a day?

No problem. Just carry on as soon as you can.

How do I take PCOS Support?

Hormonal Balance is based on your cycle if you have one. The dose is 1 capsule twice day from after your period till day 21 and then 2 caps 2x daily until your next period. If you have no regular period at all then 2 caps 2 times daily until you have a period, then as above.
Metabolic Balance: 1 capsule 2x daily after your period until your next period.

Why are there different dosages week to week?

If you are cycling the dose of Hormonal Balance is adjusted to cycle.

There are 3 distinct cycles in a woman

The first is FOLLICULAR which starts a few days after menstruation at which point there is follicular maturation and a dominant follicle is chosen for ovulation  through a complex interplay of hormones and nutrients. When the dominant follicle is ready for ovulation, this heralds the next phase;

MID-CYCLE is about one week from approximately days 13-20 when FSH and LH levels are about 10 times higher facilitating ovulation. During this stage LH is higher than FSH in the  an order of approximately 3:1

If fertilisation does not take place, then the last phase commences around day 21

LUTEAL PHASE which is in effect the premenstrual phase meaning that fertilisation of the egg has not happened or ovulation has not happened and menstruation is soon to happen. This is a particularly difficult time for women as hormone level drop dramatically from day 21 onwards and the delicate relationship between oestradiol and progesterone balance if disturbed can result in physical and emotional turmoil. Some women have a very smooth transit to menstruation, others it is emotional and physically ‘draining with a range of symptoms from anxiety, poor sleep , fluid retention, lower abdominal pain , to migraines, breast tenderness, weight gain, poor immunity, depression, poor coordination and a lot more.

Due to the oestrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency often in PCOS, with additional hyperandrogenism, the cycle is not normal with a prolonged follicular phase suggesting high oestrogens and minimal progesterone, no mid-cycle phase  or rare midcycle when ovulation should occur and a unpredictable luteal phase if menstruation is to occur.


So many events on so many levels have produced this comprehensive dysfunction that we at Life Source, have contracted a treatment protocol to work at many levels at the same time. Since the symptoms of high oestrogens and low progesterone can be very debilitating, care has been taken to increase the dose of oestrogen metabolising substances and progesterone supporting and dopamine support in the latter part of a cycle cycle if a PCOS patient is cycling. In other words from day 21 the dose is doubled as this is when maximum support to lower oestrogen and raise progesterone is required.

At the same time ‘deeper’ management of the insulin resistance and follicular dysfunction is  occurring with the aid of PCOS SUPPORT Metabolic Balance at a a constant dose until a period occurs

If there is no cycle then a fixed dose is applied until a period comes.

Can I stop PCOS Support after I feel better?

Yes you can. Although it is important to look after your body and make sure your PCOS doesn’t flare up again. At the moment PCOS is not curable. We recommend that you take carry on taking PCOS Support even when you do feel better.

Should I stop taking PCOS Support while I am pregnant?

As soon as you are aware of pregnancy it’s time to come off PCOS Support.

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