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When last did you really practice self care?

Not push yourself to go to the gym, starve your body of calories, compare yourself to others to get motivated or try a new beauty regime… we’re talking

REAL SELF CARE… the things many of us don’t do because we think it doesn’t give us much, change us as much, help make a difference as much.

Our lives and our bodies are a result of many different factors but we are usually too busy with life to realize what we are allowing until it is too late.

It’s a great time to be alive but it can also be tough if we don’t S.T.O.P once in a while and take stock. Not just of our actions but of our thoughts and inner dialogue which are usually negative. We deal with a lot more pressure which has come with the age of social media.

Perhaps some new self care habits can add a little more passion, self esteem, joy and beauty into all the madness.

Here are a few self care activities to try.

  1. Meditate: Cliché but a few minutes focusing on your breathing with your eyes closed and learning to ‘not need anything in the moment’ helps you slow down and has proven to be beneficial for your adrenals as well as cardiovascular health.
  2. Create: Make something. A cake, a blog post, knit, draw, colour in, learn to make candles, make anything. Humans are meant to create. It is in our nature. This is incredible therapy, nurturing your creative side and boosting your self esteem.
  3. Buddha once said to be healthy, one must always sweat. We’re not talking in the gym though. Go out for a walk, around the block or somewhere beautiful and inspiring. Go for a sauna, grab a bike, dance, whatever works for you.
  4. Appreciation: To say thank you is easy but to mean it is a little different. Looking around and feeling grateful for it all. The good and the bad. Being grateful for the hard stuff almost takes its power away. It makes up your life’s journey. It leads you on your own path. Its your wild, crazy beautiful life.
  5. Read: Not fictional books but something you can learn about. Finance, health, history, auto/biographies. Books that teaches you something new.
  6. Research: Food is always an issue especially with PCOS. Research your meals a week in advance and eating healthy will be so much easier. ‘Falling off the wagon’ shouldn’t be an issue… there actually isn’t a wagon, just great food and not so great. Never a reason to be upset.
  7. Literally. Phones, computers, TV’S. All the things trying to sell you stuff or distract you. Focus on you.
  8. Sleep.
  9. Have guts: Take a probiotic. A healthy gut is the foundation of a happy, healthy life.
  10. Do a social media clean out. Delete or mute negative accounts that don’t make you feel good.
  11. Do one thing that’s been sitting on your to do list forever that you haven’t got around to doing
  12. Be selfish. Just say NO
  13. Get 10 minutes of sun. A little dose of Vitamin D is crucial for mental and emotional happiness.
  14. Be your own best friend. If you were, what would you tell your self right now.
  15. Learn: Take an online course. Building a website, becoming a writer, there’re endless courses to choose from.
  16. Help: There is so much joy from helping others as well as building your own self esteem.
  17. Write: Morning pages is a great way to get everything off your chest.
  18. Pat: A pet…. Research has shown the incredible effects animals have on humans.
  19. Strength: Do something you’re good at. Whether its singing, cooking, arranging flowers, playing an instrument organizing, or dancing. Find an opportunity to do it today.


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